Token gifts...

I’m having a few problems in this area of Ethics… for example, in some questions the answer suggests that analysts are allowed to accept token gifts. In other questions, the answer has been given than no gifts can be accepted at all. Other times it seems that it’s ok to accept gifts as long as you disclose it. Is there any set rule for when to accept gifts or not, or is it going to have to be based on judgement in the exam? Is anyone else finding this a tricky little area of CFA magic??

hehe… yeah its gray. there are four things you can do, and they all fine dont accept anything accept 100 dont disclose accept 100 and disclose accept greater than 100 and disclose SOPH’s method is to not accept anything - tobe safe on exam, be conservative.

Cool thanks. I just hope that 3 answers will be clearly wrong, leaving the one that is correct!