Tomorrow could be worse

we could be the allied forces boarding ships on the eve of D day ready to give up our lives… good luck to everyone… if i had 1 piece of advice (besides RTFQ) it would be not to freak out when you see something on there that you never ever looked at during studying… it is bound to happen… CFAI knows you cannot possibly get everything, they will put something on there that no one has a clue about… give it your best and move on… this time tomorrow we will be winding our way down on the afternoon session, triple checking our answers, wondering what in gods name the answer is to any of the ethics questions…pull through it, kill it, and get those 3 letters

Nice pep talk. To echo Bostons comment, I dont think I have seen anyone get above 70 on last years AM exam question #2 with the implied assets. All of the smartest candidates, most of them got less than 50 on that section.