Tonight - Finish a few more questions, 30 Pages of ethics handbook. Beer Tomorrow - Finish book 3 review, Book 5 again (Macro/miro/Global Attribution), GIPS Contingent immunization is pissing me off I know how to do it then I forget stupid crap and get it wrong. Will do the same question (Schweser Book 1 exam #3 # 13) every day from now until the exam.

it is a bitch and it is confusing and something to look at literally 5 minutes before entering the exam room scanning for in the test IMMEDIATELY my plan is to finish review of R 38 formulas, then look at Ethics until I pass out Up at 4 or 5, study for 4 or 5 hours on R39 and R40, 2 hour nap, back at it with the IPS again (Individuals and Inst), then more review, practice test questions this is cruel and unusual punishment but it could be Level 2…deep cleansing breath