Too late to re-start for May 2021?

I started studying in November 2019 for L3 but stopped in March when everything got postponed. I got through all the readings and wrote out all the Qs and As to the EOC CFAI questions. I’m registered for the May 2021 exam and just logged into the CFAI Qbank and noticed a significant number of new questions (over 1,000!). Now I’m wondering if I can even get caught back up to speed.

I was thinking about re-reading everything, reviewing all the EOC questions, and writing out the CFAI Qbank questions. But now I’m thinking about just rereading the blue boxes and reviewing EOC and writing out CFAI qbank questions.

Any thoughts or advice about whether I should postpone to December?

What do you do for work? Do you have a wife and kids? Do you work over 60 hours a week? Depending on the answers to those questions, could be a yes or could be a no…

No children, PE job

EOCs were transferred to the QBank - that’s why it looks like more stuff. IMO it should be doable. Let’s get it done!

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I’ld say start with doing questions and review deeply using the curriculum.

I don’t know your specific situation so it’s hard to say anything tailored, but in general I think there will be candidates who get news that they didn’t pass the December 2020 exam and will sign up for May 2021. In theory, these candidates should be able to pass in May and you’d have a head start on these candidates. I can’t make any guarantees but I’d think it’s certainly possible to pass if you start studying now.

I would think you have enough time. It depends on your work schedule of course. But if you’re able to finish all the questions and do a bunch of mocks, well that’s pretty much all I ever got benefit from in terms of passing 1&2. By the time I read through the core material I’ve forgotten details on most of the earlier readings anyway. It’s always down to practice questions and doing a bunch of mocks, in my case. If you finish all the CFAI questions by end of March and do a bunch of mocks in April and May, well that hopefully should get it done… Good luck in whatever decision you make!

Don’t kid. The no. of mocks increases proportionately. In my L1, I took 4 mocks while in L2 I took 10 mocks and in L3 I took 12.

Everyone is different of course. Level 1 I did 3 mocks, level 2 I did 6 or 7. But I would have done more mocks if I had time. It’s January right now so what I am trying to say is if the person spends the time completing all the CFAI questions and doing mocks, there is a good chance to pass. I literally depend on mocks, and I rarely get to start them more than 6 weeks before the exam date. If this person began today relearning the material through the CFAI questions, completed that by March sometime, then spent the final 2 months doing mocks, then heck they are in the same position as me for this upcoming May exam. I had Level 3 cancelled on me twice last year due to Covid, it’s been about a year since I sat down and read the actual materials and my retention reflects this, and there are many folks in similar situations. But we will take the exam and many if not slightly most of us will pass the exam. All I am saying.