too late to take the CFA?

is it too late for an individual at mid- to late-30’s to resume the CFA? i am in the industry for 10+ years, but the experience has little to do with the CFA. since the 1st deadline is approaching, i am thinking if i should resume and register for L2. i guess the questions are:

-my experience has little to do with CFA, what the probability that i will get a CFA-related job? how valuable is the CFA credential?

-my reason to resume it is that i want to advance my career, would the CFA credential help in this way?

any advice will be appreciated!

I was your age when I decided to take a crack at CFA exams.

A little more detail on what you’re doing now and what you hope to do would be nice.

I earned my charter when I was 40.


Majority of my experience is in finance operations, ranging from custody to equity.

Did the CFA recognition help in any way to advance your career? And How? I know everyone’s experience is different, but would like gather as much information as I can. Thanks.

Earning the Charter probably won’t accelerate your career while working for the same company in a Back Office role – but if you decide to make a move then it could very well be the silver bullet on your resume.


i don’t expect the Charter to “accelerate” my career, but will it help me move up to front office or change career in different fields, such as asset management?

At least for me CFA (I’m lvl3 candidate), has been a life savior. The way I see it is that CFA won’t necessarily get you a job but it will get your foot in the door.

^ Agreed. It’s noticed. Also, firm owners like to have credentialed team members. Clients don’t necessarily know what it means but its shiny.

it’s never too late to study cfa

A colleague of mine was in his late forties, and flew through it. Passed each level first time.

Let me ask you two questions:

  1. If you did it, and passed it do you ever think you would look back and say to yourself you made a mistake in doing it?

  2. If you didn’t do it do you ever think you would look back and say to yourself you made a mistake in not doing it?