Too late?


I’m just wondering is it too late to be registering for CFA 1 this December? Would I be better off just going for it in June next year?

Side notes: work full time

Thanks in advance for any help ye can provide.

Not at all! I started around the end of July/beginning of August last year for the December exam and found it to be very, very manageable. Get a good prep provider like Kaplan, Wiley, etc. and you should be good to go.

I was bored at work one day so I spontaneously registered on the last day before registration closed. Didn’t start studying hard until October. Was a miserable 2 months (working full time also), but I made it. Also was a fresh finance graduate so I had a lot of the base knowledge down already.

It is not very late to start at all.However,assuming that after clearing December level 1 exam you will consecutively register for level 2 exam, you should also take into account that you will only have approx. 4 months to get prepared for Level 2 exam(which is also more complex than Level 1).If you believe you can handle it then register for December,otherwise wait for June.

do it