Too Late....

Just finished FRA, am I too late? I am a CPA with a full time job as a financial accountant.

Not really, your basically on Schedule, You can finish the next 2 books by mid april and have 1 month and a half to review

You’re fine, just keep your head down and keep covering material.

Still OK if you hunker down to it. Can’t slack off now

I’ve seen others that are even more behind.

Full Speed Ahead! yes

may I ask what is FRA?

Financial Reporting Analysis. 20% of the exam.

You are doing well, just don’t let your momentum go down. If you have covered just FRA, you really need to pace yourself as around 80% is still remaining. Being a CPA shall help save time as you may not require a revision on that topic.

You should be finished with Quant and Eco by early April and shall be working on remaining topics later on. Last 2 weeks of May shall be dedicated too Ethics along with revision of topics that you find complex.