Too late?

I’ve been considering taking the CFA exam, but wondering it will help my chances career-wise. I have a very strong interest in value investing (have read Graham, Buffett, Greenwald, Greenblatt, etc., etc.) and would be very interested in an analyst position for a value shop.

By way of background, I graduated from law school six years ago and since then have done tax consulting (compensation/benefits-related) for a Big 4 firm. I’ve developed an interest in investing on the side and have put together a decent personal portfolio, but am concerned that at this point I’m too old/specialized to be appealing to a potential employer in this field.

Thoughts anyone?

Connections would help a lot.

Maybe try to network as much as possible and get to know people in the filed.

I would only do it if the Big 4 firm paid for it.

Never too late to become an investor. Network your tail off and come up with some good stock ideas. As CFAvsMBA noted, the CFA will help but only if you have time to kill and someone else is paying the fees.

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