Too lazy to search my book for FCRP

I was finishing a question about FCRP and my answer was correct because I was asked if the FCRP I got was below the one for EUR. Then I realized the FCRP I got fr CAD with my calculation was negative. Is it possible? How would you explain that? Thanks

On a side note, I’ve been using the index’s lately, surprisingly useful.

Really? I thought we were not tested on the index…


I don’t have my books with me here and as I wanted to be done with the correction, I hoped someone could help me with that as Secret Sauce only gives me the definition of FCRP ,which I already know

I wasn’t trying to be a smart@ss, although it may have come out that way, the index was actually a bit of a discovery for me, it has made my life exponentially easier.

lol I have to take a breath, go drink something cold after apologizing for my oversentivity (funny when speaking about FCRP) This exam is making me nervous to a point I could not even imagine Sorry Blackswan, and thanks for the tip I use the CFAI books index a lot (the one with the definition is quite good too)

No problem, its hard to tell on these forums, plus I have a history of being quite snappy myself.

at the risk of getting snapped at. what index? i’m being serious. no, i didn’t start studying for the test this week.

in the back of the cfai books, not sure if schweser has it, they ahve an index of every key word and topic its the same in each book. So like, someone mentions an obscure term like inflation pass through, etc, I can flip open the index and know what book and page its on. Saves me huge time compared to endlessly flipping through pages searching for the reference by memory.

oh. i thought maybe it was an online thing that i didn’t know about. Thanks.