Too many formulas how do I remember?

Hey guys, I am exhausted with just listing out all the formulas, there are simply just too many, is there any tips on how to memorize them all? It is just overwhelming!!!

Schweser book has formulae at the end of book. I just use them to revise

i think we just need to know fomulas in LOS contain word like “calculate” or “compute”

maybe it still needs a lots of work, but manageable :smiley:

I find practising actually writing the formula out is the quickest way to memorize. Looking at flashcards and formula sheets don’t help me too much in memorizing formulas.


I posted this in another thread, but using the “memory palace” technique has really helped me on these exams, especially for memorizing formulas.

This link: is a good place to start.

take advantage of how your brain works…read it before you sleep, rinse and repeat…hopefully no nightmares for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Elan has their formula sheet available, think it’s free. I cautution, however, that just memorizing a formula without having experience using it isn’t going to help much.

What works for me personally is to write out the formula every chance I get. With each question write out the formula and when reviewing the answers write it out again. As you do your review, try to think not only of the formula but what the formula is actually trying to accomplish. A lot of the formulas have a lot in common if you pause to think about their use.

I think you’ll find that as you do mock exams that you will see certain key topics / formulas repeating. If you are going to try to focus on certain areas, make sure you know Equtiy and FRA down cold as they combine for about half of the exam.

Try at random times of the day to write them out. ie. sometimes when I’m at work I’ll just randomly write them and see which ones I know. If I can’t remember then I’ll search on the internet for it or wait until I get home to look at it again. Seems to help.

I write out my formulas on post-its and stick em’ to my wall where my desk is (since im spending vast amounts of time studying here) I am constantly looking up at them and it helps.

I do it by not memorising formulas!

I estimate that 40% of the formulas metioned in the books can easily be derived from the main formula given, and in some other cases the “formula” is self-explanatory that yiu don’t need to memorize it.

Dreary, I agree. Sometimes I try to memorize formulas but then afterwards I start trying to understand why the formula is the way it is. I look at every piece of the formula and start to understand how it calculates with how it connects to the concepts. Then done! It’s memorized and I’ve linked concepts to it which make more things easier to keep in my head.