too many study material options..

I’m currently trying to sift my way through all the different packages from Stalla and Schewser. When I studied for my CFP all I really used was the review books and the mock exams. Stalla has a study guide package ($350) while Schweser has some study notes package ($350). Are these any good or are they missing essential parts? Some of their pacakges are around $1500 and include a bunch of stuff that seems to be overkill. Can anyone give me any guidance on the simplest most efficient package? Thanks. Josh

I used some of the schweser materials for LI. haven’t got the results back yet, but they definitely help. I’d strong recommand you get some of those, if not all. I haven’t used Stalla, but from what i read in other threads, they have good material too, especially their videos.

People I know who have passed Level I advised that the $350(ish) Schweser pack was great, but the most critical part of prep is simply doing the questions in the CFAi texts and mock/practice exams. If you have the time and are dedicated enough, I’m sure you can pass without the Schweser materials, but they’re probably a good idea if you have the study time and can afford them.

josh, I got Schweser study notes and Qbank, though my company paid for them. Those were extremely helpful as CFAI books are too verbose and contain unnecessary information.

On a siden note, where is QBank available and for how much? I’d rather find the good 09 than settle for an old 08

mildeg Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > On a siden note, where is QBank available and for > how much? I’d rather find the good 09 than settle > for an old 08 Schweser website. It’s online encyclopedia of test questions (several thousands of them). I believe they keep it fresh all the time. Check for pricing on the website.

If you want to be efficient - I think all you really need is the Qbank or Passmaster and some mock exams. You can just read the CFAI material and do the problems to retain, then a review of your notes at the end, some mocks, and then you should be set.

You can’t use qbank 08 in any case…expires after 2008. Use the Qbank + Schweser notes…more than adequate.

but isnt the mock test papers that come with schweser notes better than Qbank? they give u an exam feel… they definately helped me find the actual exam not as bad as i imagined it to be…

I’ll be a bit clearer as to what I mean…there is NO substitute to qbank for drilling in matter. For L1, repetition is key. The mock tests are the more life like things and you gotta do some of those cos they’re an approximation of the exam. They serve 2 entirely different functions…I now wish I had started Qbank tests a bit sooner but no biggie.

ya i completely agree with manavec on the no substitute to Qbank thing…