Too many types of questions...

I realised that knowing the material isnt good enough. For example, knowing the formula to Chebyshev inequality is not enough, it’s only after practising a few questions that i knew how to put that formula into use for a question. And with so much material and so many types of questions can come out for each concept, how do we focus? Any inputs? I’ve already tried practising as much questions as possible but it’s seems never enough…There are just too many types of questions that can appear for 1 concept.

That’s why you don’t have to get anywhere near 100% to pass.

Any advice if i should try to focus on the material & try to remember as much of the concepts as possible or practice as many qns as possible at this point?

I am a big buyer on as many qns as possible…

even if you havent covered all the concepts properly due to time constraints?

I’m not sure. I guess I would try doing different stuff and figure out where I am getting the most concentrated learning. As a practical matter, I’m not good at doing just one thing anyway so I would be switching around from reading to doing questions just from attentional issues.

Alright…Sounds good too…Thanks! =)

well, I guess this is the reason why we get just under six months to study for the exam so that we get enough practice - I wouldnt give very good odds on someone passing with just reading the books.