Too much bad luck failing

Level 3, three attempts: 2012 Fail band 8 2013 Fail band 9 2014 Fail band 10 Yes, I am a very hard worker, and I never give up. I am the guy that gets the job done. And, I ended up spending several years pursuing something that remotely challenged me, just to prove that I can do it. But there is something wrong here. I am also somewhat intelligent, and these results here look severely wrong. It is not my goal in life to prove myself to nerds (CFA essay graders), I am too proud for that. I have an advanced degree in finance and I work in the financial industry (with good prospects), I dont know why I wanted more of this. Maybe there is something else out there that will make me more humble, but it is not this test. …My wife texted me yesterday: “You are number one for me, not 10, as these other guys are saying!” I did not explain to her the pathetic band system… Guess what, Spring is added back to the other three seasons when I spend quality time with my family and friends. The only way I can study for this meaningless test again is on somebody else’s time! I am over my ex-girlfriend, the Level 3 test, now she needs to beg me and pay me money to sleep with her again, and this time in the office, and not at home in front of my wife. Until then, I will concentrate on my passion and talent: fishing, hunting and outdoors, and maybe make it a full time job. To all of you re-takers: You are already a winner. Do it if it makes sense to you. Have a plan what to do even if you don’t pass, have choices. Continue with the spirit to not settle for less. Settle for less, only if it is less BS, and more success. Don’t blame yourself, you are a hard worker. Have the balls to say “NO” to people who F* with your life. F* them. You all take it easy, and please don’t grade my commas.

You might as well also blame the scantron machine for screwing your pm answers…

We can all cry together bro.

Band 8, Band 9, Band 10…That has a poetic ring to it…

you’ve spent a lot of time swinging at something you consider meaningless. maybe your test was marked by the orphaned offspring of the animals on your walls?

No blaming, it’s all about choices.

I am gonna go eat mcdonalds now to see how normal people feel.

Bands 8, 9, and 10? Do you see the pattern? You will finish that bastard off next year, no doubt

Well, I don’t know. To be honest, I support OP’s decision.

Before I started level 1, I just started my first job and wanted to switch from technology to front office. During the programme, I realised it was not possible. CFA is not too useful because of the number of charter holders and interviewers barely care about these three letters. All the people I know who have passed all three levels are all doing what they did before taking the exams. Therefore, I didn’t waste other opportunities which also needed time investment. It turned out I made the right choice.

Let’s take a look at this exam. This exam is all about memorising and nothing else. There is almost no maths involved. A person who worked really hard during the last month can pass it (for the first two levels, it is not possible for level 3) whilst a person who worked really hard for 4 months but didn’t have time to work on it in the last month can fail it very possibly. Can it be justified?

On my priority list, family first, personal investment second, personal career progression third and CFA the fourth. I let my second level fail at the first time to spend time on personal investment and it turned out i made a very good choice and it almost changed my life. What if I focused on CFA? I could have finished the programme one year early and now still doing what I am supposed to do.

Having said all of that, CFA does benefit me. I learnt how to set up a long term goal and how to plan it up and how to work towards it and how to take pain in case of failure.

I think, we at least can blame who designed the exam to test More 1000 pages content based on alomst 120 questions. You may know that sometime in some subjects, there are 2-3 Qs from couple of pages. Out of average 200 pages, the 2 page worth 50%.

That means if you have that part covered close to exam, you are going to nail it otherwise you are screwd… That what they usually call “LUCK” Brother

ah yes, the typical I-failed-but-now-I-have-had-a-huge-life-epiphany-justification-to-help-me-through-this-tough-time post.

I know a lot of Asians who worked really hard. They broke with gf, bf in order to pass a single exam with flying marks. Some of them especially girls got really good marks (all >70% in all three levels). Well, great, fantastic!

But after they finish the programme, 3 years have gone past. They are still single. There used to very good people appeared in their lives and now they regret so much.

itera: Tough as losing a fish before I reel it in … maybe not so much. I feel sorry for you dude.

^ no need, i’m good. thanks for caring though.