Too much focus on practice problems/mocks?

Two weeks ago I took my first mock exam after my second time reviewing all of the curriculum and got a really high score for myself. Ever since then I have taken two more mocks and both scores were successively worse than my first one. Today was by far my worst score but after taking it I don’t feel too panicked because I came to a realization… I think that I could be potentially focusing too much on practice problems and not spending enough time going over notes and reviewing the curriculum to keep it fresh in my mind.

I think that I’ve started to do worse because ever since my first mock two weeks ago, all I have been pretty much doing is cranking out practice problem after practice problem… I think my strategy now is to refocus and go through my notes and the schweser books to keep the information fresh in my mind. I am also a very visual learner and when I focus entirely on a single section I can vividly remember small bits of information in sections based on my personal notes and how it’s formatted.

Also I’m going to start memorizing formulas like crazy because I’m amazed at how often you could almost understand nothing behind the meaning of what a question is asking but if you can simply plug and chug a formula you will get the right answer.

Has anyone had similar experiences like this before? Would love to know how you handled it and what you did to refocus. I don’t want to entirely focus too much on reviewing notes and reading but probably should find a balance…

Each test has different difficulties… Compare your scores with the average.

I’ve done a few schweser mocks and my scores range is 71 to 85. That’s a huge range… .but when I scored the 75, the median according to schweser was 45% while when I scored the 85, the median was about 56%.

I’m basically reviewing 2 sections per day (eg. FRA and Corporate finance) and in doing so, do between 100-200 practice questions from those sections and also try and re-read between 1-3 readings from those respective sections a day along with going over note cards with formulas. I feel it’s a good balance for me. In addition to that I do 10 ethics practice questions everyday to keep it fresh at all times.

I have done all the readings 4 times and still 3 more times to do before the exam. All the EOC questions were done 3 times and BB & CFAI online practice twice. 18 full Mocks exams done till today. Mark Meldrum 3 mocks (avg# 89%) IFT 3 mocks (avg#91%) Schweser 6 mocks (avg# 88%) CFAI Old 4 Mocks (avg#89%) CFAI New 2 Mocks (avg#90%)

Still I am not sure whether is it enough or do I need more practice???

How do I get old cfai mocks?