Too soon to start on Book 6 Practice Exams?

I just wanted to get some feedback on my preparation strategy. After completing a reading of the CFA texts and reviewing the areas I felt I needed additional review, I am taking one of the book 6 practice exam every other week. I started this two weeks ago and used the questions I missed to guide my study areas by reviewing the LOS relating to the questions. I took a second one last night and improved my score from less than 50% to just under 60%. Is anyone else using the practice exams to help guide their study? I find the exams help keep me motivated to study because I must apply the concepts in way that the end of chapter problems don’t force me to do. Also, I get really scared when I can’t remeber how to apply a concept and that improves my resolve to keep studying away. After finishing the practice exams, I plan to work through the CFA on-line exams in April to early May. Somehow taking actual test seems to help me guage my progress and stay focused. Anybody have any other ideas or comments? Thanks.

I wouldn’t even do the book 6 exams. They are too quantitative whereas the actual exam is more conceptual. I’d suggest doing CFAI sample exams and Q-bank questions instead.

samples aren’t up. and book 6 won’t hurt him, if he has so much time. Maybe do as many Qbank questions as you can until the samples are up.

los_cfa08, I am doing same as you. But I am doing the practice exam from 07’ Schweser notes package. Because I don’t have the book6 from 08 Schweser notes package, never received from Schweser. after one study session , I take all contents I studied in the practice exam. at 1st time, I found I lost all my memory about TVM. It helps me to remember preious sessions. However, there are just 3 sets full exams in 07’ book6. when that done, what can we do? anyway, any method is OK as long as you feel it will enhance your understanding or memory, and nail the real exam down .

it’s never too soon to start them is it? at least it will give you time to sort out any concepts that are still a bit vague…

Take a book 6 exam to uncover your weaknesses. Go over the concepts for every question that you missed, then review ethics and the material you found most challenging. After that, your should take one or two CFAI sample exams (it they are available). Repeat process 2 more times before the test and you should be adequately prepared.

I think your strategy sounds great. Make sure that you really spend the time to go over the concepts that you struggled with. My only worry is that you may be starting the practice exams too early - you don’t want to peak a few weeks before the exam. I suggest that you leave a few practice exams for the final two weeks before the actual exam. Either that, or use qbank for those final couple of weeks.

Thanks for the helpful suggestions. I have used the practice exams mainly as a review tool. After each test, I look at every question, right or wrong, to understand what is being asked and why the other choices could not be right. I may slow down on the practice test now that I know where I need to review more. Hopefully, I will be familiar with the exam format and length through practice exams and keep myself on track to peak right at exam time.