Took Level 2 Today

Before the exam, I was very worried because in the question bank on the CFA website, there were so many typos, and there were a bunch of ambiguous and unfair questions. I was dreading the possibility of facing some of these questions that make you scratch your head trying to figure out what they were asking.

But all the questions were very fair and tested a broad spectrum of knowledge. If you give yourself enough time to prepare, you should be able to do pretty well.

Other than the testing center being overwhelmed a bit by a slew of candidates taking the exam at the same time, everything was pretty smooth. (I ended up starting the exam more than 30 mins after my scheduled start but that was not a big deal)

Congrats on finishing the exam!
I started the exam about 15mins after the scheduled time. I was worried about the start time at first, but the proctor said it only started when you sit there.

Yes I was worried the clock would start ticking at the scheduled time but the other people on line assured me that the clock starts only when I sit down.

Hope you passed!

And hope I did too! :slight_smile: