Took sample exam, passed with 75%

I just took my free sample exam, and I earned 75%, compared to a passing grade of 70%. Given that I have 6 weeks to go, I think I’m in good shape. My results by section are: Ethics: 66.67% Quantitative methods: 42.86% Economics: 100% Financial statements: 75% Corporate finance: 100% Analysis of equity investments: 83.33% Derivatives: 66.67% Alternative investments: 33.33% Fixed income: 100% Portfolio management: 66.67% I really need to work on ethics. While I wasn’t far from passing, it is a big part of the exam. Messing up on this section would also be a bad omen, even if I do well enough everywhere else to make up for this. I really need to go through quantitative methods and make sure I remember those formulas and terms (or can at least derive them quickly). I want to do better on financial statements. Given that I am a value investor, I should be doing much better on this section. I’m not too concerned about alternative investments, as that’s only 3% of the exam. I didn’t go over that section very well, so I do have work to do here. I was surprised how little I needed my calculator. That said, I’ll make sure to practice those TVM and bond value problems just to make sure I don’t forget. I won’t have to devote much time to economics, corporate finance, or fixed income - a quick review of the Secret Sauce should be enough.

You look like your in good shape. Your score is almost similar to mine…weaknesses in quant, FRA, with the exception of Ethics. I know AI is only 3% but there really are only 2 or 3 primary concepts that you need to nail down. Judging by the time remaining, I would spend a bit of time on AI, but as you said not much. With 42 days left, you should feel pretty good about your chances…don’t let it slip though, keep it up.

Where did you get the sample exam from??? What can i do to review the material…Go back and re-read or just go over the key concepts?? Im scoring in the low 60’ on the schwesser exams.

Ironically, my results are almost exactly the same. I scored a 71 on the sample exam, but took my beatings in FRA, Ethics, AI, and strangely Derivatives. I think you’re still in great shape for exam date as long as you focus on your weak areas and continue to hammer out qbank and/or practice questions. Good luck!

Rest easy diehard, you’re in excellent shape. Continue learning and reviewing, but rest assure since you are on the passing side of the fence this early on.

could share with us where the sample test is??

You can find it when you log in to the candidate section on CFAI website.

I got a 70, test was far more difficult than I anticipated. Alot of the questions were represented in a way that i KNOW i have not read in Schweser.