So today I am taking a final in one of my summer mba classes and I notice someone in the class w/ stalla books. I start talking to this tool and he tells me he is taking level 1 in December. He asks me what my strategy was for level 1 and level 2 ( I am still waiting for my results) so I tell him what I did— read cfa books, use q bank, attend john harris accounting workshops, buy bsas mock’s, and buy cfa pratice exams. This f’ing kid tells me “way too much studying you must not be that smart.” I told him all you have done thus far is sign up to take an exam, nothing more, remember that. What a tool, I was so pissed off during the final…. What is this world coming to…………….i am even more made at myself for letting him know about the accounting workshops because in my mind that is the best thing money can buy…


Twerp. Enjoy it in January when he tries to avoid you.

He actually sounds pretty smart if he psyched you out on the final exam and brought the curve down on purpose.

Stalla is all you need!

A buddy of mine works at a hedge fund that’s in the break-up process. He was at a party recently, and he was talking to an acquaintance who is also in the job market. Apparently, this kid was at Fortress, didn’t like his job there so he started looking, made a lot of progress with a fund and reached the final round of interviews. He felt so confident about the job, he gave his notice to Fortress, but unfortunately, the new fund passed on him. They ended the discussion with the typical “I’m pretty confident–I’m sure something will work out”, at which point, the Fortress kid felt the need to add “Yeah, but I left by choice…”. There are some real winners out there…

Newb, i didnt even buy Stalla for L1 and i passed! But i bought schweser.