Toomuch white..


Your new site background is vwery bright. It would be great if you can change background color in your .css file to little greyish and fonts more darker. It is very hard to navigate new site. It is a very easy change for your developer.

I think many others agree with me.



Amen brotha! There is just too much white in corporate amerika, the cfa program, and colleges alike. We need more diversity. I’m glad I’m not the only one concerned about controversial issues such as this. Where’s my boy timotimo, he had it right!

Agree with SMEKA23, the readability could be improved.


White is right.

@Palantir, In the words of a great man…“If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be white”

We are working on a new forum layout but there will still be a white background. Maybe I’m just used to the white background from using Excel for so long.

google themes like thingie would allow folks to have whatever background they wanted… :slight_smile:

Diagree, I think a white background is the best option. Google, for example, defaults to a white background – and still manages to get one billion visits a day – so it can’t be that bad a choice. One thing I really like about the white AF background is that, when I’m browsing AF in the office, it almost looks like I’m doing real work.

That is offensive.

Perhaps some skinning options would be a benefit… now that we have user preferences, perhaps it wouldn’t be too hard to create color preference. Other styles might require more work… I don’t know if that’s realistic from a work budget perspective.

The beauty of Google is its simplicity and readability. Probably the fonts need to be little darker or more bluish. Hope that helps.

i agree that the white background is seriously off-putting