Top 20 MBA vs CFA

This has been beaten to death on the which is better front, and it may also be on the which is harder to complete also. However, I haven’t seen any threads.

That being said, does anyone here have a Top 20 MBA and has passed all 3 levels of the CFA program? If so, which was more difficult for you to attain?

Depends on what metric you use to quantify difficulty, if money is the metric then

CFA difficulty = (2400USD + 900 non-business-hours) x (risk premium for having to repeat levels)


MBA difficulty = 1-year-forfeited-wages + 100k USD tuition+living expenses (Never heard of people not graduating)

Just assign a value to the 3 variables (non-business hours, forfeited wages, repeat risk) and you know which one is more difficult

Cost is not what I mean nor really anything quantifiable. I guess I mean the rigor of each and depth of curriculum respectively.

yes it is, because cost translates to time and the most difficult one is the one that takes the most of our limited time here