Top 3 topics you don't want to see

Pension accounting after tax cash flows and after tax equity reversion for real estate All Quant I skimmed the first 2 topics with the plan to come back to it after I was done with everything else. I never came back to it and now I have no choice but to focus on everything else.

Time Series (I will bomb it) Interest Rate Trees (They scare me) Soft Dollars! I spent two hours today doing the real estate calcs you mentioned. It’s not bad once it finally “clicks”, but it was a painful process getting it through.

Agreed on Pensions and SoftDollar I think these are the hardest: IFRS vs. US GAAP (impairment, OCI, etc.) Ethics - this seems like sisyphus’s rock Forward bid-asks based on interest rate differences Triangular arbitrage Currency swap Multiple round VC PE with distribution waterfalls Economic Profit method / Economic value added Treynor-black Forward rate agreement Good luck to all

remember, with IFRS and GAAP…if you ever have no clue: In general, IFRS is more liberal/logical; -Recovery of impairments/write-downs is usually permitted -Allows partial goodwill (and full goodwill) -Allows proportionate consolidation (and equity method) -More freedom classifying Interest Received/Dividends Received/Interest Paid on CFS -QSPE’s not allowed (nor does GAAP anymore - since it is essentially off B/S financing) -LIFO inventory method not allowed (since people abuse it for tax benefits) -Inventory valued at min(cost, NRV) GAAP is usually really strict, and makes things more complicated than they need to be; -Test for impairment involves two steps instead of one -Operating leases need to meet 1 of 4 criteria to be a finance lease -Recovery from impairment/write-downs is usually not permitted -Inventory valued at min (cost, market) where market = recoverable amount where recoverable amount must be > (NRV - % profit margin) but < (NRV)

goodwill impairment tests hedge funds private equity

I dont want to see: Multinational Operations Treynor-Black

goodwill impairment tests

Treynor-Black ICAPM Swaptions

Most Portfolio Valuing currency swaps Dummy variables in quant

Lets hope CFAI isnt monitoring this.

ethics, FRA der

what if examiners are smart enough and checking this thread right now ? >P Then we are all literally F*****

Swaps/Swaptions FRA’s Quant bullsheet involving coming up with confidence intervals or deciding whether to reject/accept a hypothesis

I am sure the exam was written months ago…

If question writers are seeing this, I feel that the one stage DDM is the worst :wink:

ICAPM Derivatives (Except Options which are ok) Goodwill/Impairment

All of quant,derivatives,triangular arbitrage etc etc