Top 3 Worst Chapters - your thoughts?

Am finally through all the books and I think for me, the hardest 3 topics were 1) hypothesis testing 2) understanding the cash-flow statement 3) income taxes. Keen to hear whether others feel the same way :slight_smile:

Not done with all the books yet so reserving my comments… Tho no 2 and 3 will almost certainly figure on my list too… A tip: Hypo Testing isn’t that hard when you know that you probably don’t require to learn all formulas… For the LOSes in Hypo Testing, they just say ‘identify and interpret’ not calculate. So probably all you need to do is identify when to use t, z etc and rejection points etc… That is what they said in Elan video too. And even if you want to learn the formulas, some are pretty easy when you understand the concept behind them e.g. Pooled estimator of variance sp^2 is just the weighted average of individual variances using df as weights…

how about leases

i M thru ethics, fra ,3/4 quants. … Among these i found a few topics in quants vry difficult among them is hypothesis testing. . . Are you serious that u have finished all the topics.??? guyz plz post how much have you all covered out of the whole portion. this Post is really scaring me now. . plz help. .!

I agree with kiakaha on understanding cash flows & income tax. I would also add long term liabilities and leases.

I’d say probability and long lived assets. There’s so much to memorize in that bloody chapter!!

  1. leases 2. economics 3. ethics

tushkey2007: there are a few people on here who are through most/all the material but I definitely wouldn’t say it’s the norm, most seem to be at about the same stage as you. for me, I have no prior finance qualification and a really intense job so needed to start early to make sure I had enough time to learn the material. I don’t think other people in different situations would need as long. Anish: thanks for the advice, I actually don’t think I’ve watched the Elan video on hypothesis testing so hopefully that will make things clearer…

Probability chapters are horrible !! even tho i am nearly half way through economics

kiakaha ------> Thnxs 4 ur advice. . . . can i noe when had u started with ur studies. . . .coz i strtd it mid January. . . N ya even i dont have a prior finance background nd m finding a few topics in quants difficult . i would b helpful if u can help me with it :DDDD… I m currently studying thru the ciricullum nd Schweser combined. . . .

Tushkey, there are lots of people on here who are happy to answer questions so if you are stuck, post the problem/topic and someone will try to explain it. I am no expert on quant but will try to help where I can!! Ps: best way to learn quant is to do as many problems as you can. Don’t get too stressed about memorizing formulas,just make sure you can use them. You can memorize them while cramming at the end.

thnxs for ur advice. . . . .! :slight_smile:

Schweser notes on Income tax is really bad. they’ve made the topic unnecessarily painful.