Top cars (owner satisfaction) according to consumer reports!

tesla 3 at 92

porcshe 911 at 92

genesis g90 at 90

chevy corvette at 89

tesla model s at 88

toyota Avalon at 88

no chevy corsica or oldsmobile cutless ciera???

Except for the Avalon and maybe 911, anyone who buys one of those cars is already part of a religion. So, I don’t know if user reported satisfaction says much.

who the fuck wants a genesis. haha i dont really read consumer reports. not a subscriber. i was just at a tire shop so i read the whole march issue. it was pretty interesting to see the rankings for different classes of cars. they were going over some cvs walgreens and how they compare to club warehouses. they even went over the whole mergers that were taking place. kind of interesting, but i doubt their typical reader gives a shit.

anyways most tesla 3 users seem to be very happy. i kind of want 1. but im going to have a kid soon, so i should prolly look at minivans right? or can i keep my mercedes till it dies? i would much rather prefer that