Topic Area Weights for the CFA Exam it seems a bit iffy for level 2, the high end of everything means the exam will be worth 150% Broad ranges i must say. If i have to skip certain things, i just want to know which ones are okay to skip. for instance for L1 ppl said, just do FSA, FI, ethics and quant to pass, and I only focused on that. Can someone help with the imp parts of L2 exam and how to spend my limited study time on them?

by talking to people who have taken LII or passed it, seems like you have to get FSA, Equity and Ethics down to pass LII…it seems like econ, derivatives and alternative investments again could be areas where it might be OK to not be 100% down with the material…I plan on using the above strategies myself…just my two cents.

Pepp, have you gotten your books yet. i know you need to have a life, but I just finished baseball and 2 beers and am ripping away on level 2 already. 301 days left!!! tick tick tick. : ) - so far, i have read 40 pages in level 2 material. not only that, i used what i learned to build my first ever LBO model (ok, i admit, i had to consult a banking buddy and peer into my vast library)!!!