Topic depth and recall issues with L2 relative to L1

Hi all,

I’ve been studying for L2 for about 1 month now and have covered 13/52 of the non-ethics sections.

I am going at a good pace, but the difference I find with L1 is that the material isnt sticking as well with the same read, notes and practice strategy.

How can I make sure the material sticks for each study session?

EOCs, topic tests once you finish a section? I completed Quant & Econ in like December then took a long break for the holidays. I cant really recally formulas but I know the general concepts and am confidend when I go back for review it will be solid. FRA seems to be not so bad at this point.

I wouldn’t worry about the matierial sticking too much as you go through the readings. There is so much information that it’s very difficult to recall everything as you go through it. By the time you’re studying Equity valuation you may have already forgetten how to test for serial correlation. Save cemeting everything in your mind when you do your review, and more importantly, as you complete practice questions/exams. Practice questions are critical for this exam. I can’t stress that enough. Good luck!

Im using Schweser Notes and find myself writing a lot of notes sometimes I can’t condense what they already have condensed and write nearly the same paragraph…Its sad, but true…How is everybody taking notes - definitions only? formulas? Obviously everybody does it different.

I usually make a note onsomething I have never seen before, a hard concept, new defintion, new formula and examples - this is resulting in A LOT more notes then Level 1. Its eating up a lot of time but I think it is increasing my retention on the subject…

Looking for how everybody else is making it through the readings without taking enormous amounts of notes. It slows me down taking the notes like this, but I think it helps with retention…