Topic name indication on the real exam


I remember from level 1 exam that each topic was indicated by its title and the related questions following. I wonder if on L2 the vignettes or “mini-cases” are tittled this way also; I want to know if one can know what topic is evaluated on each vignette a priori or one must figure it out after reading good part of it.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, they are.

Thanks S2000!

My pleasure.

Just as at Level I, the topics are in the same order as they appear in the curriculum. At the top of the first page of an item set you’ll see something along the lines of “Questions 43 – 48 cover Financial Reporting and Analysis.”

There is also a table of contents

That’s perfect guys, thanks. As on L1, it is important to be able to answer the exam in a strategically manner.

At least as important at Level II.

Maybe importanter.

The thing is some topics are ambiguous… AI/CF/ and Equity all have some type of DCF problems…

But if an item set is designated AI or CF or Equity you know that you’re not going to be doing key rate duration calculations.

s2k do you recommend reading the questions before reading the vignete?

I sure do.