Topic Review

On my way to goodyear, I thought I could list topics which are testable, especially those of the long calculation. I’m not good at guess/gaming, so don’t count on me…:slight_smile:

SS01/2: Ethnics, AMC SS03: Identify biases and descrive how to mitigate SS04: Required return; Core capital; Un/realized Tax SS05: Pension Plan, WACC SS06: Financial equilibrium, G-K model SS07: C-D for real Growth, Tobin’s Q SS08: Corner portfolio, Eliminate portfolio SS09: Indexing Strategies; Contingent Immunization SS10: Leveraged Portfolio, International Bonds SS11: Core-satellite, Style Analysis SS12: Currency risk contribution, Intl. Benchmarks SS13: Commity Swap, C&C SS14: VAR, Credit risk for derivatives SS15: Effective beta; Effective annual rate; Swap SS16: I/S, CM rebalancing SS17: Domestic(from Macro to multi-period attribution); Global SS18: Composite/Portfiolio Return, Real Estate Total Return