Topic Reviews/EOC Feedback

Hello forum,

For the remaining 3 weeks, I plan to only do topic reviews on the CFAI site, EOC from CFAI texts, and the two mock exams on the CFAI site. I’ve been doing the EOCs throughout my studying, but I only recently started doing the topic reviews from the official site. Plus I figured I’d “go straight to the horse’s mouth” since they are the ones who create the actual exam. And while more difficult than what I had been doing (Schweser Qbank), I really seem to understand the topic reviews questions and I’m scoring quite well. It’s been kinda surprising since I’ve read that some people have found them difficult. All in all, I’d like to hear some feedback from other candidates and charterholders as to 1. if my plan is a good idea and 2. how do others view the difficulty of the topic exams on the site. The feedback would be much appreciated.

P.S. I did 4 mock exams from Schweser and while I scored fairly well (averaged of 71) I simply don’t fully trust their prep materials.