Topic Test Difficulty

Did really well with the blue box and EOCs but topic tests are much tougher I’m finding.

Are Topic Tests genuinely supposed to be harder than the real exam or do I have to step my game up?

Appreciate any insight.


From what I’ve been reading on these threads the topic tests are generally more challenging than the blue box examples and end of chapters in the CFAI curriculum. However I’m not sure the level of difficulty compared to the real exam. That would be great to know!

Just curious, what are you finding more difficult about the TTs compared to the BBs and EOCs?

I would say the depth of knowledge the topic tests require… Also might be harder because I did the EOCs and BBs right after reading the material. Might just need to revise and retain the information which I have enough time to do but I was just curious as to which level of difficulty will be more representative.