Topic Test Kocher (Corporate Finance)


Can someone who’s done this topic test tell me if I’m missing something obvious or whether there’s some missing information in the vignette? The last question is fairly easy to answer if you know the number of shares receiving a dividend, but NOWHERE in the vignette can I find this piece of information. The answer key to the question uses 8 million as the number of shares, but again I don’t think it’s provided data. Is there some way to calculate the number of shares based on the information provided that I"m just not seeing?

Your palm will probably hit your forehead on this one, but it’s given information at the top of Exhibit 2.

Wish we could have control + f in the exam.

Oh for godsakes - such a forehead-slapping moment! The truly painful part is that I did a ctrl+F and STILL didn’t see it. But, seriously, who puts that kind of information in the caption of a table?? Whoever created this vignette is clearly a sadist…

To train the eye cheeky