Topic test- Level of difficulty

Is it just me or does any one else find these topic test to be incredibly difficult and demotivating?

I am getting stumped over these questions.

EOC seems to be relatively easy and is going alright for me though.

just keep doing them and reviewing. I was getting like 2’s on the first few but after a while you will get better by the last few usually

I am planning to do them without taking them as a test.

There is no way I am going to do well in them otherwise.

I rather not get demotivated at this stage.

I will give it a review and hit mocks and assess my performance based on them.

I got 2s and 3s on the first 5 tests but it has picked up to 4s and 5s now. I find them much more confusing than the EOCs.

I gave up on them.

I dont think I can do them tbh.

I will do some reveiew before I attemot any more of those.