Topic Test reviewing answers

Does anyone know if it is possible to review the recent topic tests that we finished without having to re-do it? I just want to quickly review some of the questions/answers without having to click through all the questions just to see what I scored the last time.

Nope, you must go one by one like simple peasants we are all wink

Yepp. You may print 'em all convert into pdf for your own use only. You may do same with mock. I reviewed 'em all.

The only limit, you must do so before closing certain test upon filling answers.

I actually tried it. One by one clicked all first answer choices so as to proceed to answer explanations, and then copy-paste the whole thing to Word, then save as PDF. After 10-15 item sets got annoyed and deleted the whole thing to hell…

I tried printing to PDF, and saving it, but the vignette description is so long that sometimes it gets cut off… How incredibly annoying…I just want to quickly review my answers since I want to remind my though process as I was doing it to know why I was incorrect in the first place.

You may directly print it to pdf. No need for copy-paste to Word and then convert to pdf.

If you use Windows you have to install Adobe or any other pdf printer. If you are a Mac user this is already built into OS X.

This is only permited for personal exam preparation. Any other purpose material multiplying is the violation.

I do use virtual PDF printers but the qualiy is not well. It prints as a web page. With copy paste it treats it as pure text and images (tables, formulas) so the end result is clean like a mock exam. Anyway, won’t have time to browse through 83 items sets. What I do instead is open 5-6 tabs from the same topic and quickly browse questions to see if there are questions which I don’t know how to solve. Otherwise when I recognize that I theoretically can solve it I don’t bother looking at it…

Well what I did was after I solved on the problems and clicked submit. I went up into file and then exported the page as a pdf. It worked quite well.

Well, I took a week off and was solving since early in the morning till late in the night. I was finished, believe or not in a 4 days with solving all of them. Review also took 3 days. I reviewed only sample with 67 % and below and half of them were between 33 % and 67 % since it was 4th time of solving these.

After review I have started to to solving again but only randomly choosen vignettes and now I am solving each with the least point of 67% with avegare of 86 % all vignettes. Also made a spreadsheet a couple of months ago by which I measure my progress. I put each vignette, EOCs and Mock results separated by topics in this spreadsheet so I always know what are my weakest areas. Also I maesure avr time, mode results, median results by topic etc.

Did you learn Eriksson and Kesselaar by heart by now? :slight_smile:

Hehehe…as already said, both once have been solved with 83 %. Afterwards, the top is 50%.

I haven’t put them both in the last sample. Those are negative outliers in any sense.

You dont need to fill in all the questions. Just open up the topic test you want the answers for and go down to submit. It will ask you if you want to submit without fulling in all the answers. Just say yes and review answers that way.

choose no answers and submit.

Guys, the CFAI explanations on those topic tests are not thaaaat good neither… Sometimes is not even clear what the correct option is referenced on the explanation.

Well, I know by submitting it works, but I want to review my old answers to remember my thought process at the time (to identify if there were any tricks in the problem which made me deviate from my original choices)

. I decided to use the copy/paste method into word doc. Printing PDF method tends to cutoff parts of the problem.