Topic Test Score

i have done topic test which are available on CFAI Website. My score so far 65% in FRA,67 % in Ethics,73% in CF,70% AI, 75% in FI, 65% in EI and 85% Portfolio Management , i am doing some chapters again in which i feel i’m not good.

is this score good?

this score is terrible.

when i got 67% in FRA, i did three chapters again in which i thought i was poor,same thing i did in EI.


This is merely my humble opinion.

I think it is more important to understand why you get certain questions wrong and how to do them correctly than to be concerned about how good/terrible your score is.

Of course, you could use scores to guide/focus your attention to areas that need them most (as you have already done), but apart from this there is little incremental value in seeking confirmation on how good/terrible a score is.

Optimise you preperation time over the next 6 days and be calm/collected on exam day. All the best !