Topic Test vs EOCS, which is more helpful?

hello guys, I fell behind schedule, If you had to choose between EOCs or Topic Test in the CFA online site, what would you do?, Which one’s are more exam like.?


At this stage in the game, I’m doing 90% mocks and 10% refreshing with eocs and qbank on quant/alt/pm.

From early may till test day, I’ve been doing half a mock to one full mock a day…

The mocks give enough practice on core subjects and the eocs/qbank refresh the other less tested items.

Have you tried the Topic Test? how do you feel them compared with the EOCs?

Topic test is too difficult and cumbersome. I dont think they are good for the test. EOC is much more straight forward, and probably too easy.

do the topic tests. also do the vignette-style EOC questions. Skip the stand-alone EOC questions (too easy). I’m also reviewing some of the blue-box examples.