Topic Tests and Other Sample Questions

Hi all,

I am preparing for the December exam - have been studying since April. I have been reading through the CFAI curriculum (no third party providers), and watching Mark’s videos whenever I get stuck in a certain topic. Currently, I am more than halfway through FRA (which is a struggle, given my non-finance background) and have Econ and Ethics left.

I am also revising the other topics in the meantime - and really appreciate a lot of the insights quite a few of you have provided. In terms of sample questions, I would like to ask where you get your questions from. Right now, I have been doing the following:

  • CFA EOC and examples

  • Kaplan Qbank

  • CFA Topic tests

I have noticed that the CFA topic tests pretty much repeat the same questions if I do it more than once. So, I assume that doing the topic tests more than twice is pretty much moot (apart from redoing any questions where I think I need some more time to understand)?

Any other suggestions in terms of practice? In other words, I get that practice makes perfect - but, if I keep redoing the same questions again and again, I feel it might be giving me a false sense of security of scoring 90%-100% each time (just because I feel some of the questions look like they repeat)?


Yea, I wouldn’t be repeating questions too often. If you can afford it, consider getting Apptuto’s Level 1 question bank, I believe it’s still $100 USD. I thought they were great prep questions for the real exam at Level 1. Best of luck!

Yes, Practice not only makes you Perfect, but it also builds confidence, clear your concepts and helps you recall your answers faster. That’s why I would advise you to subscribe to PrepSmarter. They have over 7000+ Questions for CFA level 1 alone and their Adaptive practice engine analyzes your weakness and prepares you accordingly. I am using it for Dec 2017 exam too. They also have a 7 day’s trial you can check it out and have a taste of their system and how it works.