Topic Tests- are they more difficult than the actual exam?

For those of you who have taken the exam before (or have worked on the previous actual exams): In general, are topic tests more difficult than the actual exam? I`m very disappointed about my scores on them and it really bugs me.

You have done two exams. First time doing topic tests?

Keep crunching these topic tests. I’ve done them 3 times, enough to get too familiar with the questions itself and on the 3rd attempt, my scores were mostly 5/6, 6/6… haha

All that remain for me is to master the morning session! :s

Arbitrager1367 - I think the difficulty is in the way they write the cases and the questions. The real exam experience seems to be much better in writing style, clarity with respect how and what the question refers to in the case (they’ll have a single paragraph which seems to be autogenerated combination of separate thoughts, some on the same topic - and then the set of answers will refer to topic which shows up more than once in the referenced paragraph. Also - given that the questions seem to morph in each instance of taking the topic test, technology… old school tech …is at play. Not the leading AI work happening in Silicon Valley, just automated brute force.

They pay exquisite attention to the exam’s composition, not to the topic tests.

If if you could scale away the significant composition issues, the actual subject tests are easy. I spend most my time trying to decipher what the f@@k they meant to say!

difficulty in comprehensiveness is higher on online topic questions, but the calculations and questions i think are similar.

Topic tests are old pm mocks. Rather in 2017 mocks 3 sets were same as topic tests. So its good to practice and practice.

no they aren’t more difficult, it’s created by the same people who developed the exams with the same purpose in mind. If your struggling on all the topic test then … well i would try praying in every religion and hopefully a god answers.

if it’s 1 consistent area then you know what to do.