Topic Tests for Level III

Is anyone doing the Topic Tests for Level III, available in the Candidate Ressources? I read that they are mostly overly difficult. Would you say they are helpful to review and practice?

Thank you!

I find them very helpful, funnily enough they are quite hard for the subjects I am weak at and ok for those I am better at wink

Abosolutely helpful, you should memorize every multiple choice you did wrong.

sshhhh… dont tell the world about the secret!! lol

they are important as the BB/EOC questions IMO… i keep the site open at work and do a few during the work day… for level 2, i nearly memorized all of them. you will notice that some of the item sets are “better” than others and you will want to keep coming back particularly for the key calculations.

Thank you all for your feedback!

I did them all. I enjoyed it, and I learnt a great deal. I liked the CFA Style about them. Did it twice, figured it had to be important.

These are great. I’ve done 25 of the 64 and have found them very helpful, though they are a little easier than the Level II topics tests in my opinion.

Have done about half. Averaging around 70%. Most of the time I am getting 4/6, with a small proportion better than that than worse. Finding some fairly straightforward and some tricky - the tricky ones test familiar concepts but throw a bit of a curve in, which is getting me.

Might be worth using up all the tests/resources that CFAI provides because, I figure, there must be a limit to their imagination, right? :smiley:

I have done all of them twice. Good practice

I finished all of them about a month ago…averaged 85% across them all…hoping that can translate to nailing the PM session :slight_smile:

Agreed. They are good. I’m working my way through them this week as final item-set practice.