Topic Tests

Hello all,

I’ve recently completed a few of the 70+ Topic Tests on the CFAI website. They seem extremely difficult, my score usually ranges from 2-5 with an average of ~3.5/6.

For those who have taken the L2 test, how do these compare to the actual exam?

To pass you would need to be getting at least 4s and 5s in each vignette.

Yes these tests are difficult than the most of the exam sets.

I will say EOC Level

Yes, same issue with me as well.

To make matters worse, you cant flip through the e version of these questions

Reading and take down notes becomes very difficult.

I am also exceeding the 18 minute marker per item set as well.

For some of those topic tests, I spent 40mins on 1 set and ended up getting like 2/6…

However, for some of the easier topic tests, you can spend like 10 mins and get 5 or 6.

It really depends on the difficulty of the individual vignette. More time you spend on something doesn’t mean you will get more correct.