Topic weightings question

Yo… I’ve just checked this link, …and while I did love receiving my Level 1 results in the format that it came in…which left me with no idea how well i’ve done…I don’t really want to go about studying for level 2 with no proper idea of how heavily weighted each section is, and hence…how much effort i’ve gotta put in. What i mean is, a lot of the sections have a 10 % range, and that is friggen fraggen HUGE! Eg. Port Man is somewhere between 5 % and 15%. Regardless of how strong you are in this section-you should be doing a minimum of 5% of 250 hrs=12.5 … to a maximum of 15% of 250 hrs=37.5. That’s a big discrepancy…especially if you plan on nailing this thing like I do. And its effect is that you are probably gonna have to close to double the effort you put in to be properly prepared…unless anyone knows whether CFA/Schweser is gonna release proper weightings like Level 1??? Does anyone else feel the same way? Cheers!

Why not just try to learn everything as well as you can and not worry about the weighting? You can’t control the weighting; you can control how knowledgeable you are about each topic. Focus on what you can control.