Topic weightings question

I’m having some difficulty matching up the CFA-published topic weightings with the study material. The CFA site publishes these topic weightings:

Ethics - 10%

Alts - 5-15%

Derivs - 5-15%

Equity - 5-15%

Fixed income - 10-20%

PM and Wealth Planning - 45-55%

But the titles of the material aren’t clearly associated with these topics. I am sure many or most of you have figured it out. Any help for a hapless one like me in figuring out how to match the material to the topics? (E.g., is Capital Market Expectations part of portfolio management?)

so PM is throughout the sections, if you look at Page 2 of Book 1 it is footnoted. Most of the sections you mention above are clearly outlined there, the exceptions like Capital Markets Expectations likely fit into the large PM and WP sections. Books 2, 3, and 6 look like they are designated for this PM and WP weighing, since the other books are clearly marked as FI and Equity, etc.