Topic Weights on the Exam

Hi all,

I observed that the topic weights for Level 1 exam on the CFAI site were not the same as what was given in the CFAI mock.

eg: There was a greater weight given to Alternative Investments than what was mentioned on the website.

Does the real test also deviate from the stipulated topic weights?

Really? I didn’t even notice. What was the weight? I thought AI was 3%?

There were 6 questions of AI in each of the AM & PM sessions

Well, good thing AI is a strong topic for me…every mark counts.

Is this going to remain the same on the actual test as well? In that case, I better revise AI again.

@Stons I still don’t see any weightage change on CFA Insttitute website. Where did you see it?

@artyb: What I mean is that on the CFA Website AI is given a 3% weight (which has not changed as you pointed out), whereas there are 6 Q each in the AM & PM mocks.

I dont think schweser dictactes CFAI weights. I wouldn’t put to much thought into it.