Topic weights this year vs last?

i just noticed that both years have the same weighting? Please confirm? - Alternative Investments 18 - Corporate Finance 36 - Derivatives 36 - Economics 18 - Equity Investments 72 - Ethical & Professional Standards 36 - Financial Statement Analysis 72 - Fixed Income Investments 36 - Portfolio Management 18 - Quantitative Methods 18


There was a whole Real estate vignette last year. No mention of RE this year.

RE was a part of AI. They asked PE this year. SAME

Last year - There was vignette on real estate - NOI, MV, gross, calculations and then one (the famous one) …BOP - stumped many, incl me.

Does CFAI normally do not like to repeat topics from last year? So next year perhaps some topics from 2008 will show up, such as RE?