Topic Weights

I noticed that there are no assigned topic weights for 2015 level 3 exam.

Does ths mean they are the same as 2014 or are they totally getting away from it and anything is a fair game?


Sorry, I found them here

Of course there’s topic weights

Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning 40-55 Fixed Income 10-20 Take care!

When they say Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning, do you know what study sessions they are referring to? It sounds very generic and can almost fall under any category.

I just wanted to know so that I can focus my attention on the high value areas, but it’s hard to do that when you don’t know which study sessions fall under which topic.


Behavioral Finance



Asset Allocation

Risk Managment

Monitor & Rebalance

Performance Evaluation


Hi harshd,

even i was looking for a similar type of info and found the link below only today! See the table at the bottom of the page in the link,

May not be entirely useful in studying but might still be useful for revision etc.