topic weights

With this much time before the exam, I dont have time to finish everything. The topic weights are not clear for me, I looked at them on the site, its not a clear per study session weight and since things are mixed up I am not sure what to focus on.

Does anyone have a good understanding of what I should be focusing on, maybe ranking the 18 study sessions for me based on how much I would expect to see on exam. Sure noone really knows for sure, but I think many people understand the topic weights better than i do…

lowest weeights at 0-5% are usually:




Biggest weights usually:

SS1, 2, 4, 5 , 9, 10, 14, 15, 16

appreciate it sir, maybe a couple of more opinion to get a more accurate answer, maybe it wont be very exact, but hey its likely to give better results that spending 2 days on GIPS…

thanks again

45-55 portfolio mgmt

It all comes down to Cost Benefit Analysis now.

Your points are

  1. Individual IPS

2)Institutional IPS

3)Asset Allocation

4)Performance Attribution

^Those are on every AM since forever, you must must must get those.

5)Fixed Income.

  1. Risk Management

Do every ethics EOC, seriously. Every one. Do that and you’ll likely hit 70 in ethics

quantitative: weighted average, compounding and discount, A=L+E and equations. qualitative: true or false, hide and seek, circle and list.

Less plug and chug, but the speed to solve the problem does matter…I wish we could rank the long-calculation in L3.

TOP 10 long&error-prone calculation:

Effective Interest Rate is in top 5. (It’s hardly divisible like Performance attribution).