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After I mentioned his annoying hashtags, he sent me a PM and commented on all my threads

Please guys, don’t hurt him or he’s going to spend his day and night tracking your posts and cyber fighting with you…

He reminds me of Tweety

and here comes another far cry… hahahaha

Between you and hashtag

hashtag's picturehashtag 10:42 am

Try to re-direct some of whatever energy/pride/dignity you have left – combined with your pathetic 6 months of work experience – and attempt to use it to find yourself a jobby job. I’m dead serious.

Now that you’re 30 years old, your parents really, really want you to move out. Don’t be so afraid of the real world out there…

anybody looking for some fun could poke him once, and see the magic

he is a cyber warrior we commonly see these days

#bannedForless http://www.analystforum.com/forums/feedback-forum/91328988

…300posts in 1 month was never gonna be sustainable

alrite kids. settle down here. just let it go, and move on with life

which one was you?