Yes. Worst job ever. I managed a retail store for a bit actually in undergrad. Pure hell.

yall worse trolls than vcfah^2

^ What happened to that retail executive back office clown? Where is the that epic thread?

Never done it.

Can you imagine, selling T-shirts at the Gap or whatever? Argh, I’d seriously go postal. Personally I find “behind the scenes” work much more better…like plan the Gap inventory in your nice quiet back office, and let someone else deal with the public.

I worked in a bar over college summer breaks. Not only did I gain a true hatrid of drunk people but I also drank a lot more because thats all my coworkers and I had to do in the small vacation town we were in.

I worked retail then I joined the army to unleash the rage for 5 years.

Army = Ain’t Ready for Marines Yet

Right Greenie?

My high school girlfriend worked at the Gap. We had sex in the dressing room once.

I guess you could say, I closed that gap.


( •_•)>⌐■-■



I did it for like 2 months, at most, my junior year of college when I needed quick money (maxed my credit cards out). Easily the worst job I’ve ever had, and I was a line cook working 10+ hour shifts at a restaurant that never had a slow period on weekends prior to that.

Oh yeah it was holiday season too so 8 straight hours of the same 10-15 Christmas songs over, and over, and over. That fucking “Hey Santa” song by Wilson Phillips or whoever literally worst song of all time. Now I can hear it in my head. Oh god.

Never Happened.


Really? That’s not even all that wild. I have way better stories than that. Shit that would turn you white.

Sidebar: CvM, I think I’ve found you. Do you happen to write articles for Marketwatch? Becuase this is exactly how I picture you:


^^^ damn CvM is darker than Wesley Snipes

Eyes and Teeth my man.

We all know this is really you


i like how your head gets bigger. that’s what she said.

Did you ever get busy in a Burger King bathroom?

Burger King Uncanny Valley animated GIF