stop trying to Easternize world history!

Surely world history includes things that just so happened to happen in the East, no?

Wait, but why are there still so many Indians then?

that’s what i was thinking. there are still over 1 billion hindus in the world. percentage of total population murdered would be a better indicator

greatest comeback story in history, obviously

Lack of famlly planning and education.

how about the armenian genocide. that’s never been accepted by western countries yet

I know Germany and Canada have both officially recognized it. And apparently France has a government monument recognizing it. I’m still sure Stalin’s starvation of the Ukraine must be up there on the list too.

^youre a good mensch geo

You mean there have been other genocides? I would have never guessed it watching Hollywood films.

we have both kinds of history eastern and western. But I love western, thanks to Dan Brown.



I couldn’t have been much of a genocide if it took 800 freaking years.

that is seriously funny…

“I just found out”. Hmm. A new (altered?) perspective to monetize (or seek sympathy) on past events? Holocaustization (now it’s a word) can be a good business.

Would you edit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_massacres_in_India and include your new revelations.

I believe the biggest genocide in history is the one that was committed by the Bolshevik regime; 80+ millions killed.

Yes it is. I don’t know who else is using it? You know what I’m talking about right?