that’s what you get for going to costco on a saturday or sunday

God, Canadiens are such pussies. I love how the guys end up each pairing off to fight the women, which also happens to be the only point in the fight where any blows are actually landed.

that was the dumbest video i may have ever watched. High pitched screaming was rough on the ears

you see a few fatties fighting in a parking lot and now all canadians are pussies?? greeeeeaaat generalization…i expected more from you -_-

I guess whole fight shows that how lazy these fat people are? Can’t you just walk a bit more and park there. Lazy ass.

i blame this on high house prices in mississauga. clearly that’s why they’re mad and have to shop at costco.

When will the Vizeo TV induced violence end?

Too be fair, Canadiens were pansies long before I saw the parking lot video.

^didnt u chicken out of a fight last month?

Yep, just imagine I too could have been the star in a pointless youtube fight video over traffic, feeling pretty good about it right now actually. I’m sure the Canadian move would have been to jump out and immediately start throwing punches at the guy’s mom.

How do we know who was Canadian and who was immigrant in that video? We jumped to the conclusion with no facts.

so canadians are pussies because they fought (i’m assuming because the guy pushed the annoying ass lady)? and then based on your situation last month, americans are calm, not hot-headed and avoid confrontation/conflict?


FINALLY someone who sees the truth!

how much of that pot butter have you been eating?

aint’ a fight without guns! yeeeeehaw


Getting into a fight is hacksaw. A true BSD looks into the eyes of the prey and walks away.

Well, that lady who was wearing the red top went after a baby. I guess in that case they had right to protect the child from that manic.

In “Under Siege”, Steven Segal, a martial arts champion whose character is a Navy Seal, fights Tommy Lee Jones, a middle aged, overweight man with no established fighting ability. After a completely one sided fight, Steven Segal stabs Tommy Lee Jones through the skull and electrocutes him by throwing him through a computer. Since the guy in the Costco video did none of this, I designate the fight as hacksaw.