Harsh bro!

Ban? This would constitute ‘the mommy rule’ right? Ethics I-D Misconduct.

Don’t do anything your mother would shy away from.

Bill, I’m not sure if you’re the moderator/administrator here and pardon me if you aren’t, but this kind of post is toxic. Hashtag can be funny and light witted at times, but this crosses the line. This sort of childish petty nonsense should be reprimanded. Whoever has authority to take action on AF should impose some bare minimum standard of civility/professionalism in these forums. This is beyond the pale and action is well overdue.

Did those called to attention fail? Unacceptably crass if that is the case.

I’d rather have failed than be born #hashtag tbh

takes a particularly miserable person to make a post like this…

but alas, I didn’t fail. And i’m not #hashtag

so tonight we CELEBRATE fam wew