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That would be called piracy…

Just as you buy and sell used college textbooks on eBay, so too can you look to buy and or sell your old books for the exams there. I don’t believe this is an issue, but double check with the CFAI and the prep providers.

You can find old CFA exam books for sale online but 1. I’m not sure you’re ALLOWED to buy/sell them due to copyright issues (i.e. it’s not worth the trouble)

  1. Why would you buy books that are outdated? CFAI changes content and EOC questions every year.

It is not a CFA Program Ethics violation nor a copyright infringement as long as your are selling / buying original books. There is no law (in most countries) that could prevent you from buying or selling legal property, including original books.

If you duplicate or copy your original book and distribute it without permission of the author, or buy duplicated books, you are subject of legal intervention and obviously arms-chopped by CFAI.